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Fujitsu's PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer provides the ability to address high magnitude problems by delivering over 23 petaflops, a quantum leap in processing performance.

Computer simulation is an essential technology that is instrumental in solving many of today's most puzzling and complex problems. It enables organizations to address a large variety of topics from research and development to product design and optimization. It also enables scientists to better address "The Grand Challenges" of understanding our universe. But addressing these topics requires massive amounts of compute power.Petascale Computing Helps Create a Better World: Fujitsu's PRIMEHPC FX10.

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Ultra-high Speed and Ultra-large Scale Supercomputer

Problems previously constrained or impossible to solve due to performance limits are now able to be handled. This is due to the PRIMEHPC FX10's maximum peak performance of 23.2 Petaflops and memory that scales up to 6 PB with a 98,304 node configuration.

Green Credentials as well as High Performance Mean Power Savings

In today's quest for a greener world the compromise between high performance and environmental footprint is a major issue. At the heart of PRIMEHPC FX10 are SPARC64 TM IXfx processors that deliver ultra high performance of 236.5 Gigaflops and superb power efficiency of over 2 Gigaflops per watt.

Application Performance and Simple Development

SPARC64 TM IXfx processor includes extensions for HPC applications known as HPC-ACE. This plus wide memory bandwidth, high performance Tofu interconnect, advanced compilers and libraries, enable applications to achieve the best performance ever. In addition, the time and effort to adapt to massively parallel processing is reduced through the use of VISIMPACT, which simplifies the implementation of hybrid parallel applications combining MPI and thread parallelism.

High Reliability and Operability in Large Systems

Incorporating RAS functions, proven on mainframe and high-end SPARC64 servers, SPARC64 TMIXfx processor delivers higher reliability and operability. The flexible 6D Mesh/Torus architecture of the Tofu interconnect also contributes to overall reliability. The result is outstanding operation: enhanced by the advanced set of system management, monitoring, and job management software, and the highly scalable distributed file system.

Main Application Fields

  • Disaster prevention and global environmental issues
  • Advanced product development
  • New energy development
  • Nanotechnology and new material development
  • Scientific discovery and mystery of the universe
  • New drug development and human science
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